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My college education consisted of psychology, sociology and anthropology. The content of this book evolved over a lifetime of thought, experience, and introspection. However, since the writing of this book, I have discovered and understood so much more about the existence of all things including the universe itself. I believe I have now a fundamental understanding of it all. But it still leaves me with the feeling that the existence of life and the universe is a paradox that can never be resolved. Recently I have wondered if the evolution of the human species was some sort of evolutionary blunder. We are the only species that has separated ourselves from nature. Since we left the hunter-gather lifestyle we do not contribute to the magical balance of nature but choose to destroy it.

My Book:



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Includes a short history of:

  • Our Planet
  • The Universe
  • Civilization
  • Evolution of humans
  • The Dark Side of Human Nature
  • Propaganda
  • Indoctrination
  • Critical thinking

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